Talkskinwkate Acne 
18th August @ 7:30pm

Let’s Talk About Acne
This is an in-depth 1.5hr masterclass where we are going to explore what acne really is and debunk some of those myths you’ve been told all these years!
My masterclasses are fun, informal and incredibly informative so here’s what we will cover on the 18th August:
  •  How and why does acne start, a look underneath the hood of your skin
  • ​How certain lifestyle choices can affect acne
  • ​What ingredients you should know about when it comes to acne
  • ​I’ll be giving you realistic expectations on what you can achieve with skincare when it comes to acne
I’ll be doing a live demonstration on how to use skincare to fight and prevent acne - all invaluable tips you can pass on to your clients!
From this session you are going to gain a bucket load of information on this pesky skin condition including . . .
  •  An understanding of our skin and what goes on internally
  • ​The confidence to tackle acne on your own skin or help to educate others on their acne issues
  • ​The knowledge on what routine and skincare ingredients (not products!) work best and will help achieve the results that you and your clients want. 

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  • ​Bring a glass of your favourite beverage
  • Get ready to have fun
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