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Talkskin Membership

Are you a beauty industry professional, spa manager or salon manager that wants to increase your knowledge away from specific brands and just know more about your client’s skin, and how to care for it?

Or are you someone who struggles with their skin, and wants to understand how to fix it?
If the answers yes, this is the community for you.

Join me and my community of skin enthusiasts and increase your knowledge in skincare and how to treat the most fascinating organ in your body, the skin!

About Me

I'm Kate, I've been in the industry for over 17 years, working for some of the biggest hotels, cruise ship brands and some of the finest products out there. I've been extremely fortunate to have learned a lot along my way.

But… I was frustrated with the lack of education my peers and colleagues had. So, I set out to educate people about the skin itself. Instead of just teaching what a particular brand of products does to the skin. .

Now I do the same work I always did alongside LIVE online courses to help skincare become more accessible to all, so you have the skills to take this knowledge anywhere!

January's Masterclass

Let's Talk Sales

This masterclass will be an in-depth 1.5hr session where we are going to explore the opening and closing of a sale.

Fun, informal and incredibly informative this session is designed to take you from apprentice to authority and be able to expertly advise your clients on their skin in an authentic way that is educational but still results in earnings for you! 

Here’s what we will cover on the 25th January
1 - How to begin the sales process 
2 - Selling in an educational and relaxed way 
3 - How to close the sale
4 - How I approach selling  
5 - Why it's important to educate your clients and not just sell to them! 

If there is any part of your business that relies on your selling skincare or beauty products to your clientele then this is the masterclass for you and the perfect way to get you started for 2022. 

January 25th at 7:30pm GMT

February's Masterclass

Let's Talk Social Media with Rachel Wicks

Talk Skin with Kate is about helping your beauty business just as much as it is about learning more on skin. 

This masterclass follows on from January's "Let's Talk Sales" by helping you overcome any uncertainty you have around utilising the world of social media to help grow your business! 

You know how to sell, now lets build your client base! 

Here’s what will be covered on the 16th February
1 - Overview of the 10 steps to create and maintain your social media  
2 - Defining your goals and understanding your audience 
3 - Optimising your social channels and planning your content 
4 - Managing engagement and monitoring your progress  
5 - Strategy development 

To take your social media from newcomer to next level we will also be getting some serious tips on how to get the best from Instagram such as . . . 

- Instagram Funnel 
- Wow with your bio 
- InstaMagic Matrix 
- Creating Content
- Content Cocktail 

So, what are you waiting for? Let's get social and sign on up below! 

February 16th at 7:30pm GMT

What's Inside?

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